Exciting New Project!

Friday, August 28th, 2009 | Posted in: Events

Well I have been wanting to work with these snakes since I first saw the Barker’s Cherry Bombs, and now we have a pair! I have been searching for an affordable pair of albino bloods with a nice pedigree for the last year or so, and I was very lucky to contact Chris Lipps of Phoenix Arizona. His breeding stock is top of the line, beautiful RED albinos and RED hets. He has been producing for several years and has definitely refined his project to produce some seriously top notch bloods.

It is going to be very fun watching these snakes develop over the next couple of years, a big thanks to Chris for making this possible! If you dont want to wait 3 years for us to start producing these little gems drop us a line and we can get you Chris’ contact info, he still has alot of great animals to choose from.
Male: Graffiti
Female:  Candy

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