Let The Fun Begin!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010 | Posted in: Events


Our first snake of 2010 decided to show its little head today! Part of our Brinkley/Victor clutch of Jungles.

We also have some Jungle Jags starting to emerge as well from our Voodoo/Caine clutch. I will post some pics of those soon. I will be using this window from here on out to post pipping and hatchling pics and updates.

We also got a late clutch from our Coyote Ugly/Callisto pairing on May 12th! It was a small clutch but I cant wait to see a Coyote Jag! They should hatch the first week of July.

Coming soon will be our 75% diamond Jungle clutch hatching and our blood Pythons hatching as well. Check back often!


  • David Kendrick says:

    Awsome, Congrats on yet another steller Jungle Carpet Clutch!

  • admin says:


    Here is the first of the Jungle jags to leave the egg!

    gonna be sweet!


  • admin says:

    This is one of 5 sibs from the Voodoo/Caine Clutch. We use the term sib to easily differentiate them from the true jungles we hatch out. These snakes are always going to be some sort of cross between carpet sub species. This clutch consists of 50/50 jungle coastals. Some claim that jaguar sibs are special (better coloration, cooler pattern than normal crosses etc.) We dont. Are sibs are special because are non jag parents are special but that is the only reason. Selective breeding is always the key to quality carpets. Remember also sibs are not het for jag. You need a jag to produce jags period.
    We believe these little buggers are going to be some sweet little carpets though. The Slash blood in this clutch really shows in the sibs, reduced head patterns and a very abberant body pattern make these snakes very recognizable as HeadHunter carpets. This one has the potential to be a real head turner when that yellow comes in!


  • admin says:

    Here is a quick peek of a Brinkley Jungle fresh out of the egg. Has a pretty unusual pattern for the clutch, most seem to be pretty classically banded. Keep in mind none of these snakes have even had their first shed yet. Check out the jungle progress window to see what they should look like in under a year!


  • admin says:

    Sweet! Our 75% diamond/jungle crosses are hatching. No doubt these are going to be top notch!

  • admin says:



    As we suspected! Awesome! a couple of pre first shed pics but when the whites and yellows start coming in on these 75%ers watch out!

  • David Kendrick says:

    I personally think these are going to be some of the most awsome High%Diamond crosses produced to date, I am really looking forward to seeing how they develope. Fantastic job guys!

  • admin says:

    We had our first 2010 jungle shed today. I snapped a quick pic and then did alittle research on last years clutch to show what to expect in a few short months.

    2010 hatchling:

    2009 hatchling after first shed:

    Same 2009 hatchling at about 7 months old:

    As you can see the change is dramatic! These snakes share the same mother Brinkley but have different fathers. This years sire was Victor, as far as color and pattern I think this years pairing is a slightly better match. Gonna be hard to pick a bad one out of this group believe me!

  • David says:

    Those Jags Shed Yet? Post some more pics man! I keep checking Iherp and nothing…The bloods pip yet?

    your wish is my command our first shed jungle jag!


  • admin says:

    The first Blood to leave the egg!
    Wow what a wait! day 62 of incubation and our first blood is out and about. one down looks like 20 more to go…stay tuned.

  • admin says:


    Hatched 7/7/2010

    One of 5 coyote jags! Coyote Ugly is a very special snake and I hope her offspring are just as unique as she is!