Sunday, May 8th, 2011 | Posted in: Events

We bred Bettis a 75% diamond jungle above to Voodoo our pure coastal jag below.

Voodoo layed 15 fertile eggs on Febraury 3rd. Here is hoping for a nice heathly clutch of diamond jungle jags!

We also have eggs on the ground from Mekaare or 50% diamond jungle female

we bred her to Confetti, our pure diamond male.

Got a nice clutch of 75% diamond jungles put in the incubator March 17th!

The Next day we got ouf first clutch of jungle eggs! Our first time pairing of Voltage

Into Nightshade below her first ever clutch!

We are very excited to see the results, a small but healthy looking clutch due to hatch mid may.

We were also successful with the repeat pairing of Brinkley and Victor. We were so pleased with the “old skool” look of last years clutch we are very excited to be hatching more out!



Clutch laid on 3/20 should see heads poking out in mid May!

Just to show there is more to life than just carpets we got our first ever clutch of Womas this year too!

we bred Rio

with Dio

We got a small but healthy clutch that should hatch in May, Orange heads popping out of eggs, cant wait to see it!


  • admin says:

    Everything listed has hatched or is in the process of hatching as of 5/13. If there is something you have had your eye on drop us a line or comment here and I will give you a heads up when they become available.

    Chris Rindels

  • Peter Ingargiola says:

    Hey Chris’s …
    I wanted to get a baby woma . Let me know …..Peter