The 2015 Jungles are coming!

Friday, May 15th, 2015 | Posted in: Events


Two of the four Jungle clutches we are cooking have hatched! The above pic is a sneak peek of an animal from our Rigid/Zahara clutch. We are very pleased with the way this clutch looks coming out of the egg. bold patterns and amazing contrast. This is our first clutch breeding Andrew Hare’s Highlighter line into our Slash line and we are very happy with the first impressions. We also used some of our Slash line to breed into Jem our striped female. Axel is a Slash line male, bright and bold and about as banded as a jungle can get. We figured if Jem’s striping was not genetic then for sure Axel would knock it out of her offspring. Guess what? more stripes! We have been able to predict striping out of Jem regardless of pairing. We are building a nice little line of genetic striped jungles that will only take the project forward into a very bright yellow and clean future!
We are still waiting for the Hocus/Shadow clutch to pip, should be in the next week or so. If you are familiar with the zebras we produced last year this is a repeat pairing. No way after seeing those zebras color up could we not repeat! About a month out is our Abel/Sinister clutch. This clutch has been 4 years in the making since we first purchased Sinister as a hatchling. Sinister was produced by Dale Huffman using a holdback pair of Schuett line jungles produced by Matt Turner. Abel is a HeadHunter creation from our infamous Brinkley line of CVR jungles. The resulting “head turner” clutch is one we are super excited to see!
Best guess we should start filling up the available jungle section of the website the end of June. So if any of these pairings interest you check back often!

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