Progression of a HeadHunter Jungle

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 | Posted in: Events

Just wanted to throw up a quick series of photos to show what kind of color change our jungles typically go through from hatching to yearling age. For those not familar with the process it can be a fairly dramatic change. Remember also that these are selectively bred jungles specifically bred to create the dramatic colors of the adults. Not all jungles are created equal and less expensive animals typically will never see the kind of color of our yearlings and beyond. Always be sure to see an animals parents when looking for quality jungle carpets.

Here is a picture of our 09 holdback just after she had her first shed.

As you can see nothing flashy about this snake at all. It caught my eye because of the richness of the “black” area even though this snake is far from black at this point I didnt see any significant signs of light areas bleeding into the dark scales.

Here is the same snake after her second shed.

Once again nothing much going on with the yellow yet although the banding has lightened up some. At this point this snake became our holdback due to the minimal lightening of the dark scales.

Flash forward to shed number 4.

At this point in development this snake is about 5 months old. The Black is filling in nicely and the bands are now a recognizable yellow. The brightness of the yellow is slowly creeping up from the belly.

1 shed later, about 6 1/2 months old, once again same snake.

Now we are starting to see the best of both worlds. The black has turned basically solid and the yellow is almost to the brightness of an adult. At this point you see what you have, the color will get slightly richer and more intense but at this point you can easily envision the adult animal.

Finally same snake at 1 year old.

There you have it, an awesome yearling jungle! Be sure not to get discouraged by the animals appearance as a hatchling, jungles are very much like a fine wine.

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