Chris Rindels’ Story

My experience with reptiles started at an early age. As a pre-teenager I would constantly be out in search of different salamanders and snakes to catch and take home as “pets”. Living in Iowa, my searches usually resulted in garter snakes that my mom wouldn’t let me keep and an occasional tiger salamander that I would house in fish aquariums in my bedroom. Once I was older and in college, I started to amass quite the collection of various lizards and turtles.

My first real success with breeding came with veiled chameleons and sulcata tortoises that I housed in my heated garage and a fenced in pen in my back yard during the summer. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that snakes are by far the most low maintenence of all the reptiles to keep and my collection started to lean that way. Now I exclusively keep pythons and boas.

My personal collection now consists of over 40 snakes, most of which we have bred or are in our plans to breed.

– Chris Rindels